Langhorne tattoo shop seeks owners of lost bag of toys

Workers at a Langhorne tattoo shop want desperately to get a bag of lost toys back to its owner.

"Like this is really cool stuff," said Cheyenne Creyaufmiller sifting through dozens of toys she believes were meant to be under someone's Christmas tree.

"A DVD player, somebody's toy dinosaur, a bunch of games," she said. It's a mystery she's desperately trying to solve in hopes of getting them back to whoever may have lost them.

"When we first got to work one of our clients noticed that there was a big bag of loose toys all over the corner on the side of our business here." Cheyenne says that was Wednesday, the day after Christmas, when a client at Blue Velvet Tattoo on Maple Avenue in Langhorne where she works says he first noticed the toys. At that point they were in one big ripped up bag. They thought someone may come back for them but this morning they were still there.

"It was just all right here. Some of it was in the street," she pointed. Cheyenne and her co-worker Nicole Sobek immediately contacted Langhorne police who posted about the toys on the department's twitter.

"This looks like it's used like it's somebody's toy but then there's stuff with tags still on it," said Cheyenne. Nicole is also a mother and got very emotional.

"For some people this is literally all they get. This is all their parents can give them is stuff that is donated to them. So the idea that this could be somebody's whole Christmas they didn't get it is very sad," she said. They're spreading the word every way they can hoping to get the toys back in the right hands.

"It's what we would want anybody to do for us. If my child's things fell out of the truck or didn't make it home I would hope somebody would try and get them back to me," said Nicole.

If you know who the toys belong to contact Blue Velvet Tattoo at 215-752-0995. Many of the toys also have initials on them.