Last day of school for Philly students is bittersweet: 'I won’t have my best teacher in the world next year'

School is out for students in the School District of Philadelphia and those kids couldn’t be happier. To celebrate the very special day, the district handed out popsicles and snacks.

One elementary school in Mount Airy kicked off summer with the cool treats and a talent show.

While many students are thrilled, some tears were shed as well.

One kindergarten dad at Lingelbach Elementary, Andrew Eisenberg, said, "The kids sang and there was some explaining and offering what they learned in the year and there was a little bit of crying. Happy tears, though!"

Student Ezio Holzer Torrez explained it this way, "I’m happy and I’m also sad. I’m happy because I’m going on two vacations and I’m sad because I won’t have my best teacher in the world next year."

1st grader Harper shared a similar sentiment, "I’m not gonna have the best teacher in the world, but also happy because I’m also gonna get to go swimming today!"

Meanwhile, first grade teacher, Christine Doyle, remarked, "I am just as sad as they are. It’s been a year that they have grown so much academically, socially. I am going to miss each and every one of them!"

Principal Lisa Waddell was emotional hearing how much some students will miss their amazing teachers, "It makes it all worth it, you know, it makes it worth it. I want children to say that they are happy to be here because if they’re happy in their learning environment, then they can learn. If they’re not happy, it’s gonna be a hard road to get to where we need to be."