LeGarrette Blount embraces emotional fan during Eagles championship parade

The McAuley family had quite a big moment during Thursday's Eagles Championship parade down Broad Street.

In this cell phone video, you can see Eagles running back LeGarrette Blount walking along the street during the parade.

Blount noticed a tearful 16-year-old Devon along the parade route and pulled her in for a nice big bear hug. Blount took several seconds to just hold her and rock her in his arms while she balled her eyes out.

Devon, her parents Dan and Meredith, brother William, along with their Pop Pop Steve all attended the parade festivities on Broad and Wolf streets on Thursday afternoon.

Devon is a diehard Eagles fan. She is also a junior who plays on the boy's high school football team as a defensive end for Central Bucks South Football.

The Super Bowl victory has been a rollercoaster of emotions for Devon and her entire family. Including moments of joyful tears.

Devon's dad Dan says he saw not one but several team member who were walking the parade route come over and embrace his daughter, to celebrate the incredible and emotional win.

It was an incredible moment for us and a demonstration of how the Eagles are a team of the people.

Devon's dad Dan says he and his family will be forever grateful to this team and the Eagles as a whole for this and a lifetime of memories together.