Little girl writes mom letter expressing extreme dislike of lunch snack

A little girl is sick and tired of her mother packing her cheese for her lunch. So tired in fact, that she asked her pre-school teacher to write a special letter telling her mother, "don't put that cheese anymore."

The repetition in the letter serves to prove her commitment to her stance on cheese.

This is despite the fact that according to her mother, Reddit user taraboom, she had eaten the exact same cheese for her dinner the day before.

It also turns out the real reason the little girl, named Poppy, hates the cheese was because of the tricky wax wrapper wrapping the Babybel.

Unfortunately she was never able to take it off. When asked about the letter by another Reddit user, taraboom replied that three-year-old Poppy attends a private pre-school that focuses on letter-writing to help with social development and processing feelings.

Poppy's mother wrote that "this is definitely the best one yet!"