Local 15-Year Old Shows Off Amazing Rubik's Cube Talent

It will not take much for 15-year old Sreeram Venkatarao to impress you.

With lightning fast precision, he hammers the beats.

"I think you need strong fingers but that comes after practice," said Sreeram.

Strong fingers for the Tabla, a strong mind for Calculus.

For Sreeram, solving a puzzle like equation is easier than tying his shoes.

If you combine his brilliant mind and fast fingers, he can solve a 3x3 Rubik's cube in a little less than 15 seconds.

Take a tour of his room, and you will be impressed more.

Sreeram visits many universities competing and winning.

Give him a Blindfold, it may take him a little-longer to solve.

In blind solving Sreeram is 5th in the country, and the solvers ahead of him are two years older.

A typical Rubik's cube has 6 sides, 54 colored stickers, and can be solved without using his eyes.

"You don't think about colors, I send letters to each sticker so I try to make words out of them," he explains, "then when you close your eyes you basically decrypt it.

Listening to how he does it may be as confusing as Calculus.

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