Local animal shelter receives nearly two dozen beagles rescued from mass breeding facility

Credit: Brandywine Valley SPCA

Nearly two dozen dogs saved in "one of the largest breeder recuses in our nation's history" arrived in Pennsylvania on Friday.

Officials from the Brandywine Valley SPCA said its received 23 beagles from a rescue mission that saved about 4,000 from a facility in Virginia that sold dogs for experimentation. 

The facility, identified in a press release as Envirgo RMS LLC, is said to have incurred dozens of violations for issues including inadequate vet car and insufficient food. 

Brandywine Valley SPCA staff picked up the dogs from a Humane Society of the United States rehab center in Maryland and brought them to their West Chester facility on Friday. 

Credit: Brandywine Valley SPCA

"We can’t wait to help these dogs join families who will cherish and love them beyond anything they thought possible," Brandywine Valley SPCA CEO Adam Lamb said. 

Staff members spent time double-checking the dogs for medical and socialization needs. They anticipate most of the beagles, many of whom are juveniles, to be ready for fostering this weekend. 

"The dogs have known nothing but life in the breeding facility, so Brandywine will be looking for families ready to work with the dogs on getting accustomed to life in a house, leash walking, and other activities that a pet parent might generally take for granted when adopting," a press release read. 

Brandywine Valley SPCA expects to receive a group of adult beagles from the same rescue mission later this month.