Local Business Helps Nonprofit with New Freezer

Horsham, Pa. (WTXF)-A Montgomery County man who spends his time helping those in need in his area found himself in need of some help.

The freezer he used to keep food in before donating it to the hungry broke. But thankfully, someone came through in a huge way for their generous neighbor with their own act of generosity.

Sometimes you just know it's the right thing to do and that's why a Montgomery County appliance repair shop owner offered to buy his customer a new freezer. It's not just any customer, it's a special family on a mission to feed and help the homeless.

Nearly every day of the year, Mike Dellavecchia pulls donated food from freezers in his garage, loads it into small coolers, packs his minivan, and brings the food from his home based charity in Willow Grove to needy people in Philly.

"We bring it to homeless shelters, where we counsel people, help them and try to get food prepared for lunch breakfast and dinner," Mike told FOX 29.

This week, Mike had a setback of sorts, one of his freezers stopped working. The vintage freezer he'd been using for donated food was on its last leg. He called for service, and Dave's Appliance in Horsham, sent a tech who determined the compressor was shot. The tech did what she could.

"She decides she was going to buy ice for him to hold him over," said owner Dave Foster.

The tech told her boss she felt sorry for Mike who was running a nonprofit helping other people.

"She said he can't afford a new freezer, so we decided to pick one up at Home Depot and deliver it to them," Dave explained.

Without that new freezer, the donated food, hundreds of pounds of frozen fried chicken from KFC, and other food items would have spoiled.

"We paid for a service call, but what he did, he went beyond that. It just blew me away," said Mike.

Mike's nonprofit called the Catholic Philadelphia Outreach wouldn't exist without Mike, his wife and kids and their generosity. If you would like to continue to help them pay it forward, you can make a donation on their Facebook page or on their GoFundMe page.