Local businessman, representatives have their say at Democratic National Convention

Local faces are getting facetime during the Democratic National Convention.

Pennsylvania is a vital battleground state in the election and, so far, that is displayed at the virtual convention.

“It really is an honor and it really is an opportunity to highlight on the national stage North Philadelphia and what’s happening in our city,” State Representative Kenyatta stated.

Representative Kenyatta, along with Congressman Brendan Boyle take the stage Tuesday.

“We need people who are in these communities who not only are empathetic and care about these issues, but people who know what it means to get an eviction notice, as my family knows well. People who really know intrinsically what it means,” Kenyatta remarked.

It’s an honor to speak, but Kenyatta also believes it sends a larger message.

“The fact that you have myself and 16 other folks from across the party, and across the country really speaks to Vice President Biden’s commitment to identifying and lifting up young voices,” Kenyatta explained.

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Swarthmore business owner Scott Richardson spoke Monday night and says being asked to speak was equally significant, but for different reasons.

“I said, are you sitting down because there’s something you should know, I voted for Trump in 2016,” Richardson spoke candidly.

Richardson represents the true swing voter that both parties are desperately competing for.

“I was probably registered as an Independent for 80 percent of my life,” Richardson added.

For 30 years as a businessman, he’s shied away from public endorsements, but not this time.

“I could sit back and not take a stand, but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I think this is so important,” Richardson stated.

Those speaking hope their speeches end up being about more than just their moment.

“My hope is people don’t say, ‘Oh look at Malcolm,’ but there’s some young kid right now who’s looking and saying, ‘ You know what, I can do exactly the same thing,’” Representative Kenyatta added.


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