Local couple recalls Las Vegas shooting while attending Jason Aldean concert

Crowds wait in lines to get through security at the BB & T Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey, for country rock star Jason Aldean, in town for his High Noon Neon tour Saturday.

At the concert in Camden are Bob and Kate Fuhrmeister, survivors of the October 1, 2017 massacre at Aldean's ill-fated concert in Las Vegas,.

"Fireworks. You are still looking around to make sure it's actually fireworks, even if it is. You still get that drop in your stomach and your heart starts racing," Kate Fuhrmeister explained.

Ten months after a horrific event that changed their lives, the Montgomery County couple wanted to come and see Aldean in concert again.

"Made me nervous and anxious. I think it's what we really need to be able to hear him and to know he is a survivor just like we are," Kate said.

Jason Aldean has been on tour for several months. He has talked publicly about the shooting and said recently that it's not something he wants on his resume for the rest of his life.

Fans say they can't forget what happened last year.

"You can't live in fear. Bad people are out there. Good people are out there. You need to go on," said Jason Aldean fan Renee Donahue.

The Fuhrmeisters say they've gotten this far by staying close with other concert survivors. Still, Bob says it's hard to let his guard down, especially in a place packed with people.

"I'm always searching around over here, over there, all the time looking around," Bob Fuhrmeister said.