Local family raises awareness and funds for Alzheimer's research

The longest day of the year is generally filled with people enjoying the start of summer and more time to get out and enjoy days but it's also a significant day for people living with Alzheimer's disease. FOX 29's Bill Anderson spoke to a family who is using the longest day as an opportunity to raise awareness and funds to address the disease that has personally affected millions of families and touched them personally, For Goodness Sake

When you hear the statistics they're staggering. Alzheimer's disease is the sixth leading killer in the United States. Five million people suffer from the disease. So while several across the country are celebrating the longest day of the year, others who are touched personally, are trying to make a change.

"We wanted to be able to raise money in support of the longest day with the Alzheimer's Association so we made over 1,000 cookies and we're selling them today."

The longest day is an annual event on the first day of summer to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's research. There are hundreds of teams across the country coming up with unique initiatives but to Dana and Donna Dewedoff it's more than that it's personal.

"My grandfather, my mother and I were caretakers for my grandmother till the end and I think that's what helped her thrive until the end as long as she could until the disease ultimately took her," Dana said.

The pop-up sale of the secret family cookie recipe brought out plenty of support. The Philadelphia Soul was represented, Former Eagles player Tra Thomas stopped by to show support and clearly enjoyed the cookies.

People had a good time but as the picture of her mother and aunt were just feet away, Donna wanted to make sure people got the information as well as the cookies.

"Just know that we're all here together for one common goal to bring awareness and enough funds collectively so that we have research for this disease," Donna explained.

Because sadly she knows firsthand, caring for her mother how overwhelming facing the challenges of Alzheimer's disease can be.

"She couldn't pick up a fork. She didn't know how to eat, I wish I would've been more educated. I volunteer and I read as much information as I could and I still wasn't prepared."

The cookies completely sold out and Dana and Donna will participate on the longest day and every day to make sure their personal experiences benefit the millions who are facing the same challenges and they'll do it for Goodness Sake.

To donate to Alzheimers Association: https://www.alz.org/