Local girl trains to become American Ninja Warrior

At Gravity Forge Gymnastics and Ninja Training Center in Hatboro, Montgomery County, 9-year-old Corine Capriotti is training to become a warrior--an American Ninja Warrior.

FOX 29's Bill Rohrer has the story.

Competitors like Corine attempt to complete a series of obstacle courses using strength, balance and speed.

You may be wondering how this all began. A few years ago, Her mom and dad started taking her brother there for gymnastics practice. So Instead of sitting around watching, she began training.

"A lot of kids in this sport do train a lot. She is in the gym almost every day. Compared to a few kids that might come in once or twice," coach Julien Mcconnell said.

Her training has lifted Corine to the top. Just last month, she won the national championship for 9 and 10 year olds--beating over 600 other kids.

"She is just a natural athlete. She just has it in her. No matter what she is in she just gives it her all and she is good at it, " her dad, Tony Capriotti, said.

Corine never runs out of energy.