Local golfer plays her way into golf’s Drive, Chip & Putt National Finals

Like most kids when the weather is nice, Katelyn Burks likes to spend her time outdoors, soaking up the sun. Except for Burks, she spends her time practicing her golf swing on the links, shot after shot.  

The local golfer, 8, finished in sixth place at this year's Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia where she and nine other girls from all over the country competed for the championship. 

Clint Burks, Katelyn’s father, says that his daughter has spent most of her life on the golf course preparing for what he says is the "Disney" of golf. 

"The place is immaculate," he says. "Beyond that, what the members and everyone there do for the children is amazing." 



Every year, the top 80 kids compete in the contest, but only a small few make it to the finals. 

Although Katelyn’s skills alone are enough to make for some tough competition, she also has a bit of an advantage. Last year, Katelyn watched her sister, Jillian Burks, compete, which inspired her to play this year.  

"I think it’s super cute that she admires me and wants to do what I do," says Jillian.

Clint Burks says he loves the comradery between the girls. 

"I think they both enjoy getting out, being around each other, being around their friends and also dealing with the frustrations that can come along with golf and dealing with it and moving on," he said. 

Golf is a difficult sport to grasp, but Katelyn already has an impressive handle on it. Next year, she looks forward to competing alongside her sister.



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