Local man in critical condition after officer involved shooting in Grays Ferry

A man is in an area hospital after an officer-involved shooting.

Philadelphia police were called to the area of 1200 South 29th Street in Grays Ferry section of the city for a domestic dispute around 2:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Officers say a 47-year-old man answered the front door and was irate regarding the television and internet not working. He attributed the problem to other three occupants of the residence, a man and two women.

Two officers entered the residence and momentarily spoke with the other occupants. After speaking with the individuals they defused the dispute.

While the two officers were standing outside the front door, one of the occupants, a 29-year-old man yelled to the officers that the the 47-year-old man was armed with a knife.

All three officers entered the residence as the man neared the 29-year-old occupant in the living room with a folding knife. An officer positioned closest to the man drew his firearm and repeatedly told the man to drop the knife.

The other two officers drew their ECW's (electronic controlled weapon or taser). The man abruptly moved towards one of the officers and lunged at the officer with the knife.

The officer discharged one round, striking the man in the chest. He fell to the floor with the knife still in his hand, and the officer removed the weapon from the man's possession.

He was taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and is currently listed in critical but stable condition.