Local man starts marketing campaign for new kidney

Sometimes all you need to do is ask for help. That's exactly what one Camden County man is doing. He suffers from kidney disease and desperately needs a transplant. He's taking matters into his own hands by starting a marketing campaign to get himself a new kidney.

52-year-old Purnell Wright doesn't look like a man who died on the operating table a few years back. In fact, he doesn't even look sick. But for the past 20 years, the Camden County man has suffered from hereditary polycystic kidney disease.

He spends 9 hours a night 5 days a week hooked up to a home dialysis machine. His home filled with to the ceiling with medical supplies. Simply put, he needs a kidney transplant or he will die, but he's not waiting around either.

"I'm not afraid to ask. because you got two. You only need one and maybe who knows someone is willing to save a life," he told FOX 29.

With bumper stickers, business cards and flyers along with a donated office space from a local newspaper, the former pastor organized his own kidney-pairing chain organization called 'My Friend Needs a Kidney''.

"I'm not good if I'm dead. If we can change lives over a million people need kidneys," he explained.

Here's how it works--if a patient can find someone they know to donate one of their kidneys-- the patient gets one in return. The donor must go through extensive blood and tissue tests, but if approved- the donor could start the chain of saving multiple lives.

Wright had three people lined up to donate to the exchange, but all three were unable to at the last minute.

He wants a kidney to not only to live but to continue his mission of getting others one, too.

"We are here for a reason so we need to figure out what our purpose is and if it's saving somebody's life that's a great purpose," he said.