Local moms call for gun law changes, as larger demonstrations take place nationwide

The seemingly never-ending violence in Philadelphia has local moms calling for change. On this Mother’s Day weekend, some women with a group called Moms Demand Action say they don’t want gifts or breakfast n bed. They want people to demand change in Washington D.C. regarding gun control.

"It’s hard to go on living without my son," stated mom Elizabeth Echevarria. 11 years ago, Echevarria’s son, Nicholas, was shot and killed on the streets of Camden. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of the 19-year-old college student and how his life might have turned out.

"He didn’t get to meet a girl or have a wife, or get married. You know, the big mother son dance at the wedding. No children. Nothing," Echevarria said.

That’s why Elizabeth and dozens of others joined Moms Demand Action to call on Congress to ban assault weapons.

Kevalyn Tiggett brought her grandsons from Vineland, New Jersey because she says gun violence is something they are all too familiar with every day in society.

"It’s showing them that getting involved, no matter how small, no matter how big, it makes aw difference," Tiggett said. "Their friends see them getting involved, so they might want to get involved. So, it’s a step."

And, it wasn’t just adults who had a message for lawmakers. 10-year-old Emily Gray wanted to make sure her voice was heard, too. "It kind of helps to just be able to express your feelings and to just speak to what you think is right."

As the demonstrators made their way across the Ben Franklin Bridge, they hope everyone sees their message, hears their concerns and takes action.

"The gun violence is crazy now. It’s just too much. It’s time for people to put down these guns. We need help. It’s a pandemic. It’s an emergency. We need help out here. Kids are dying left and right," Echevarria added.

Events took place all around the country for Mother’s Day weekend. Organizers hope people will contact their lawmakers in DC to let them know exactly how they feel about the United States gun laws.