Local Monsignor Provides Proper Burial for Transgender Woman

Flourtown, Pa. (WTXF) A local church is providing a proper burial for a murdered transgender woman. That murder happened two years ago in Strawberry mansion and no one has ever claimed her body until now.

In 2013, Diamond Williams was brutally murdered and left in a vacant lot in Strawberry Mansion. Since that time the transgender woman's body was stored in the medical examiner's office lacking a proper burial. Until recently, a local Monsignor heard about the case and was moved to act.

Monsignor James St. George read about Diamond in the Daily News. He read that she was abandoned by most and ignored likely because she was transgender and read that for 2 years no arrangements had been made.

While speaking to Monsignor Jim about the decision to open their doors to Diamond Williams, FOX 29's Bill Anderson also discussed that a Catholic Parish leading the charge for a transgender woman may be controversial to some, but he was un-phased.

" I think if Jesus was walking down the street and saw Diamond Williams, I think he would stop," he explained.

Diamond Williams will be laid to rest Saturday morning at St. Miriam Parish in Flourtown, all are invited and Monsignor St. George believes doing this falls in line with what their parish stands for.