Local Paramedic Reunites with Boy Whose Life He Saved

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) A FOX 29 viewer sent us photos of a heartwarming reunion between a local paramedic and the boy whose life he saved.

Dana Schroeder sent in the photos to FOX 29. Her husband, Dale, is a paramedic with the Philadelphia Fire Department and works at Medic 24 located at 11th and Loudon. According to his wife, last Wednesday night he saved a 2-year-old boy with Down syndrome who was in cardiac arrest. Dale's partner that night was Miguel Rivera.

Dale decided to do something special for the little boy named King so he went to St. Christopher's Hospital to check on the boy but he found out the boy was already discharged. So Dale drove to his house to drop off a gift. According to King's mother, he never lets anyone hold him but he let Dale.

See the heartwarming photos above.

Photos Courtesy: Dana Schroeder