Local Veteran at Risk of Eviction Due to RushCard Glitch

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) One local veteran says her family is going to be kicked out of their home because she doesn't have access to her money. With Veterans Day on Wednesday, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Cassandra Freely isn't exactly feeling the love.

"They have me on hold; one time it was six hours, another day it was four hours," she told FOX 29.

On hold, only to be told, there's nothing that can be done right now.

Casandra gets a monthly disability check from the VA and It's direct deposited into her RushCard account. A debit card account that hip hop mogul Russell Simmons created twelve years ago, allowing customers access to their money a couple days earlier than a bank does.

But right now, while she can see her $887 dollars in the account, she can't get it, which has led to an eviction notice for not paying rent.. And just Tuesday morning, her car was booted, for failing to pay a ticket.

"I have other bills that need to be taken care of. I need food for my children. It's just a bad situation to be in and not have any control over it when you can see your money there and not be able to touch it," Cassandra explained.

The problems started for customers October 12th as a result of what the company called "a transition to a new payment processor, acknowledged by Simmons himself.

"We are correcting account balances and problems with cardholder access as fast as we can, but this may take up to a few days for the effected customers." That message, though delivered on Facebook 27 days ago.

RushCard told us today that everyone's money is safe. They're working around the clock, and that only a fraction of a fraction of customers are still having problems.

But that doesn't' help Cassandra, who worries, she and her three kids may be kicked out of their home before she can get to the money that she sees but can't touch.