Local woman accused of selling drug known as 'gray death'

A woman is accused of selling a dangerous drug. 31-year-old Jennifer Martinez, of Northampton County, is facing a long list of charges.

Have you heard of gray death? It's what police say she was selling. It's a potent and dangerous drug and authorities have linked it to deaths across the nation. It's now in Pennsylvania.

"It's here. It's here in Bethlehem,' said Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli.

Closer than anybody had suspected.

Police say a half block from the police station and right in front of her three small children.

According to police, 31-year-old Jennifer Martinez is facing charges of packaging up and selling out of her Marvine Street home what lab chemists say is testing out to be an extremely powerful cocktail of heroin, synthetic opiods like U47-700 or pink fentanyl and possibly an animal tranquilizer. It's referred to as grey death.

DA Morganelli says the arrest came after an undercover drug purchase at the home last month. He says lab testing is ongoing and more charges and arrests may follow.

Martinez made bail Wednesday afternoon.