Local woman provides free haircuts to those in need in mobile barbershop

One very generous woman has turned an old school bus into a mobile barbershop to give free haircuts to those in need.

 FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer has the story.

Abby Anderson is the founder of Salvation of Sorrows, which is a nonprofit. She recently helped the veterans living at the Brith Sholom House in Philadelphia.

"Just a way to give back and say thank you, you know, and that is what brings me joy just to bring smiles to their faces," Abby told FOX 29.

Since 2014, Abby and her husband, Chris, gave out over 4,000 free haircuts in 13 different cities across the country.

"I don’t mind doing it. I have a passion for it. I like making people feel good. It is awesome because most people tend to walk over them. 4,000 haircuts and I am going to continue to keep going," barber Chris Anderson said.

"It makes that person realize that they are still alive and that life goes on. It makes you feel better about yourself. When you let your hair go like I did it was because you were in a state of depression. Getting my hair cut was getting rid of all the old stigmas that kept me in the darkness," veteran Conrad Corley said.

Abby’s inspiration was a promise she had given to her late father.

"In the VA hospital I told him when you get out of here I am going to get you a haircut. He passed unfortunately before I was able to keep his promise. Every haircut is definitely in his honor," she said.

For Cathy Lewis the transformation never gets old.

"I have so many clients that when they are down in the dumps, their appearance is all that they have left. Sometimes they let themselves go.  Give them a nice cut and that starts the motivation. Pick their head up and feel better about themselves,' she said.

It’s all about looking good and feeling good.

"My father instilled in me to leave no man behind. We serve everyone as a community. We come together as one and that is how it should be. That is what we do," Abby said

Abby is taking the effort internationally. She's raising money to give haircuts in Africa. If you wish to donate, please click here.