Local woman sparks interest in reading while honoring daughter's late husband

A local woman has found a way to get children interested in reading while honoring her daughter's late husband.

FOX 29 photojournalist Bill Rohrer shows us her idea.

They are popping up all over. "Three years ago there weren't any and now there are five in a couple of square miles," Margit Novack told FOX 29.

On a quiet block in Ardmore, the Little Free Library is filled with children's book and it has Margit Novack busy. More than 50 kids a week pass by while going to the playground up the street.

"All of our kids have moved out so instead of our kids we have pinwheels," Margit told explained.

The decorations are there to reel the kids in. In two weeks it will be all Halloween and they will be orange and black. There are bubbles and pink ribbons to go with the 70 or so children's books stuffed inside.

It's a way to remember her daughter's late husband, Matt.

"It is not sexy or fancy. He wasn't a fancy guy. He was just a really warm caring person," she said.

Matt and Margit's daughter, Arwyn, were married for 10 years until Matt lost his battle with stomach cancer last November.

"He loved to teach to enrich the children lives by educating them," Arwyn said.

Matthew Lautenschlager loved books--mentoring children and teaching in the Philadelphia School District.

"It seemed to be the perfect way to commemorate him," Margit said. "I think that my husband would be very pleased to have that as part of his legacy."

A man who will continue to inspire others.