Local women develop app to help adjust back to routines after quarantine

Pick up any bad habits during quarantine? Well, there's an app for that

“We’re all thrown into quarantine, new groove, and our pattern started changing. The same way we built these patterns now build new patterns to help us think differently and more positive to move forward," Michelle Chung said.

Chung is co-founder of a program called OnTrack, which uses positive psychology techniques to not only help us get current struggles and bad habits developed due to COVID-19 but to use as a daily routine. It focuses more in the good, not the bad in order to be more productive.

Michelle and partner Nancy Donahue were in senior pharmaceutical marketing leadership roles for 25 years. They rolled out OnTrack to a couple of months to corporations seeking help with their teams.

The app contains six simple techniques followed up with text messages from a team of psychologists to motivate and reinforce.

Michelle says the app should be available in about six weeks and there's likely to be a one-time cost.

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