Longwood police officers gift surveillance cameras to woman repeatedly targeted

Longwood Police say Cynthia Zurfluh called them again and again about the vandalism and harassment at her home. Eventually, two officers stepped up and spent their own money to buy her some peace of mind.

Thanks to Longwood Police, Zurfluh now has a way to end her suffering. The new security system they bought her puts cameras all around her home, letting her record anyone who could be terrorizing her.

"I just still... I'll never forget it," Zurfluh said. "I'll just never forget this night. These are things that get you through stuff, just to me it's a very big act of kindness."

She says the past three months have been excruciating.

"Mailbox number taken off, a nail in my tire, a fuse box was open and it looked like cords were cut, stuff thrown over my fence, a chair and umbrella, egg thrown at my car," she said.

After repeated calls to Longwood Police, officers Karina Guerrero and William Humphries took matters into their own hands.

"I have to do something, so I spoke with Officer Humphries and we said let's just get her something that can help her and help us just find out who's doing it," Guerrero said.

Officer Humphries says helping the community is the reason he and his partner became police officers.

"They're looking for us to give them answers," Humphries said. "There's sometimes we get there and we can't give answers, and we feel less that we're doing our job, so we've got to go above and beyond to show we're not just turning them away or making excuses. So it lets her know that we're still there."

And Zurfluh says the officers' gift has done more than just give her security.

"It's almost like they've inspired me to be stronger and better," she said. "To be a stronger, better person and take the high road."

The officers say it inspires them, as well.

"I'm just grateful," Guerrero said. "It makes me proud of what I do. You just want to come to work the next day and see if you can do something for somebody the next day."

Zurfluh says since the police gave her the security system, there haven't been new instances of vandalism.

The officers got letters of commendation for their actions.