Lonsdale, Minn. restaurant posts 'Muslims get out' sign

A sign saying "Muslims get out" at an ice cream shop in Lonsdale, Minn. created a bit of controversy in the wake of the stabbings at a St. Cloud mall.

A small group of demonstrators gathered outside Treats Family Restaurant Monday evening to protest the sign.

While some say the business owner has the right to free speech, others condemned the decision to put up the sign.

The business owner says people have started taking it the wrong way.

"I didn't want to put 'terrorist' on the board, so we were going to put 'Muslim extremist,' but we didn't have room on the board," said Dan, the owner, who did not want to give his last name. "People started taking it the wrong way and thinking we were against Muslims in general and we're not, quite the opposite. We are not racist."

According to the Lonsdale News Review, the police were called when some people tried pulling letters from the sign.

"We do have some reactions from people - some positive, some very negative reactions. So the fact that we're getting negative reactions is a good thing," Payton Estepp, a protester, said. "It means we're making people notice us and we're making a difference out here, which is what we came out to do."