Love Triangle may have led to shooting in Warwick Township, couple at large

BUCKS COUNTY (WTXF) - Authorities are on the hunt for a man and woman who they say are on the run after a shooting in Warwick Township.

Police say a love triangle may be to blame. Investigators say Jeffrey Gould shot and killed Edward Dubinsky Thursday night in front of Dubinsky's home.

They say he took off along with his girlfriend Asha Naim and they kept going all the way to North Carolina where they have a friend.

Police say Naim was the ex-girlfriend of the murdered man.

"Jeffrey admitted to this person in North Carolina that he had shot Aish's ex-boyfriend. With that information detectives applied for an arrest warrant, for Jeffrey Gould...... had been charged with criminal homicide and possessing an instrument of crime," Warwick Township Police Chief Mark Goldberg said.

Asha Naim was last seen in Mechanicsburg, PA on Monday, July 18 ,at approximately 11 a.m.

At that time, their truck bore a stolen PA License: YWG-7965. This plate was stolen on July 14, 2016 in Fredrick County, Virginia.

Gould's whereabouts are unknown but he may be in the Philadelphia area.

Jeffrey Gould's girlfriend is not facing charges right now, but police are urging the couple to turn themselves in.