Loved ones of 9/11 victims gather at Bucks County reflection ceremony

"He left that morning as he usually did and kissed me goodbye and I said be careful and I never saw him again."

18 names.

18 bell tolls for the ones who never came home to Bucks County.

Among the almost 3,000 victims of the September 11 terror attacks.

Each name leaving behind countless broken hearts still trying to heal.

"Bill was one of the 40 percent of the people I the towers who was not identified."

15 years ago to this day.

Tara Bane was 29 and trying to start a family with her husband Michael. The best laid plans destroyed that September morning.

"We didn't have a child. That was a huge, another huge loss for me."

As the wind gives wings to the painted doves encircling Lower Makefield's garden of reflection, Tara says they're symbols of hope. She enlisted school children to make the doves, ensuring a generation who came after 911 will carry on the promise to never forget

"God shed his grace on thee... shining sea."

The 9/11 remembrance ceremony somber with song and prayer.

Haunting memories of ash and dust, heroes and loved ones long lost but forever mourned.

Among the pain and the scars laid bare, there was also love. And even joy.

"I was given the gift of a child later on and I'm grateful for that.

"I move on but I don't forget him."