Loyal Dog Protects Injured Pup in Viral Video Showing Them on Tracks as Train Rolls Overhead

(INSIDE EDITION) An incredibly loyal dog protected an injured canine companion even as a speeding train roared over their heads.

A viral video shows the two pups flattening themselves against wooden tracks as train overtakes them on a snowy Ukraine countryside.

One animal appears injured and unable to stand as a locomotive bears down. The other dog lies down and ducks its head next to the wounded cur.

Neither canine appeared to have been struck by the train.

The pups were eventually rescued and video of the huddled dogs was posted by Denis Malafeev to Facebook, where it has been viewed thousands of times since Christmas Day.

It took time to extricate the animals because the guardian dog was so protective of the injured pup.

Eventually the two were reunited with their owners, who had reported the dogs missing.