Lush employees strip down to raise awareness about excessive wasteful packaging

Employees at Lush Cosmetics at 15th and Walnut in Rittenhouse protested half-naked to raise awareness for excessive wasteful packaging in the cosmetic industry.

Employees came into work with no clothes and it was the company's idea. In fact, it was a cheeky publicity stunt at stores across the country. More than a third of the company's products are naked themselves with no packaging whatsoever.

"We try to be as environmentally conscious effort. So of course, the most eco-friendly packaging is no packaging," store manager Stephanie Bedus said.

But did their message work? Ask Ryan. We did. He was only man who disrobed and says it was invigorating.

"The majority of the feedback was positive. We got a lot of hoots and hollers which was really nice. But some people did say they didn't think it was too pretty."

By most accounts the packaging protest worked. It blew up on social media and customers haven't stopped talking about it.

"There's been lots of people who came back here after the event. They came back to shop," employee Lauren Andrews said.