Lyme disease remains a threat as warmer weather approaches

Although the coronavirus pandemic remains the main topic in the health field, it's important to remember that Lyme disease still poses a serious threat. 

Pennsylvania is witnessing the most documented Lyme disease cases in the United State since 2011. 

Nicole Chinnici is the Director of the Dr. Jane Huffman Wildlife Genetics Institute. The institute runs the Tick Rsearch Lab at East Stroudsburg University. 

Experts have seen a tenfold increase in ticks submitted for testing in 2020.

"Lyme disease is a serious health issue," Dr. Rachel Levine explained in a statewide press conference about the COVID-19 pandemic.

She wanted to reiterate that the public should be mindful of the health threat Lyme disease poses.

The increase in the boom of ticks this year is attributed to the warmer weather in March and April. 

Chinnici explained that while multiple factors remain in play for why Pennsylvania has the highest number of Lyme disease cases, she explained that the sheer amount of outdoor activities and the large population of hunters definitely influences statistics. 

There are several methods to protect yourself from ticks including personal prevention whether it's tick spray, wearing light colored clothing, protecting your pets with medicine, and protecting your yard.

Secondary infections could make you more suspectible to other health issues if your immune system is already battling a different illness or has recently overcome another illness. 


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