Man, 101, breaks record for oldest tandem skydiver

There's a new record and it's held by a 101-year-old D-Day veteran.

Verdun Hayes now holds the world record for the oldest tandem skydiver.

Hayes first tried skydiving last year to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Earlier Sunday, the great-grandfather jumped out of a plane from 15,000 feet above Devon, UK, accompanied by four generations of his family - and he may not be done.

"Hopefully I will be doing this when I'm 102 or 103," Hayes said. "Just depends on the luck of the draw really. If your health keeps you OK, use your mind and your body and everything is fine."

Hayes is actually 101 years and 38 days old. He broke the previous record of a Canadian who skydived at 101 years and a mere three days.

That was back in June 2013.