Man accused of slashing Douglas County woman's throat denied bond

The man accused of slashing a woman's throat while she was sleeping in her Douglas County home has been denied bond.

Investigators said Kenny Wayne Oliver, 20, was staying at Sandy Archey's home on Spring Terrace at the time of the incident on August 5. According to deputies, Archey woke up to find cuts to her neck and hands.

"It's hard to believe someone would do this to my mom," said Ashley Archey, the victim's daughter.

Archey said it is hard knowing Oliver, a long-time friend, was the one believed to be behind the attack.

"We watched shows together. We watched the office. It's weird. I just don't understand. It's mind boggling," said Archey.

Archey said her mother took Oliver in when he moved back from Florida this summer and needed a place to stay. She said her mother even found Oliver a job and was helping to get him a motorcycle, but somewhere along the line things went wrong.

Less than two weeks ago, Ashley's mother laid down for a quick nap and asked Oliver to wake her up when he needed to go to work. Instead, Archey said her mother woke up to Oliver standing over her.

"He cut her throat here, here, and here, but she was able to wake up," Archey said as she demonstrated to News Radio 106.7's Christy Hutchings where her mother was wounded.

Archey said Oliver took off, but thankfully her mother was able to get out of the house to get help. Now this family wants to know why.

"He literally had no reason to do it. She was like a mother to him. It's the most unbelievable thing ever," Archey expressed.

Last week, Oliver was arrested in Spartanburg, South Carolina. FOX 5's Kaitlyn Pratt was in the Douglas County courtroom when he appeared before a judge Wednesday morning.