Man behind 'Haircuts for Homeless' to be honored by Sixers

Brennon Jones made headlines a year ago when he started giving haircuts to the homeless on the streets of Philadelphia.

"Totally free. Feed em, provide them with clothing, toiletries, the whole nine yards," said Brennon.

He has continued giving free haircuts to strangers, but in the process he also inspired a complete stranger to pitch in. Sean Johnson, a fellow barber, gave Brennon a fully renovated barber shop.

Now, as part of the Philadelphia 76ers' Barber Appreciation Night, Brennon will be celebrated for his generous spirit.

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"A lot of people ask me, 'Hey, when will you stop?'" Brennon said. "I will never stop. I'm invested. My heart is invested. I never took barbering so serious until now."

"When you're on a mission and God has put you on this path, nothing should stop you," he said.