Man brings food to homeless shelter every night

Officers in Tredyffrin, Pennsylvania came across a very generous man on the highway.

"I've been serving the Lord in this manner since 93."

To Arnold what he calls serving the Lord is getting up every day and driving around to stores throughout the area. He picks up the food they have and delivers it to people who need it.

"These are all things that the stores donate that they'd be throwing into the garbage and there's an awful lot of needy people in the world," he told FOX 29.

He was quietly going about his way until one night this week his truck broke down.

"My pickup was almost loaded with food from there. I realized on my way back that my pickup wasn't running very good. I was hoping I could get it here but son of gun," he said.

And that's how we heard about Arnold.The Tredyffrin Police Department were so impressed when they came to help that they posted it on Facebook. They said he was so selfless that when they came to help him, the 84-year-old, standing in 100 degree heat, was mostly concerned about the food in his truck and his wife at home.

"I wanted to get home, mom isn't in the best of shape here. We got everything done and I got home in time to get mom safely tucked into bed," he explained.

Mom is how he referred to his wife recovering from a broken leg is yet another example of a man FOX 29's Bill Anderson was more impressed by the longer he sat with him. He was concerned about getting home to his wife and only mentioned as an after thought his own health

"There's one other minor issue. Heart surgery coming up."

He's having heart surgery Wednesday but is still committed to his daily food deliveries.

"I gotta be there about 7 tomorrow morning/ They provide the food to 50 families every other Saturday morning."

During the time FOX 29's Bill Anderson spent with Arnold, he gave credit to his church, Great Valley Presbyterian, his wife, the police, anyone but himself.