Delaware police: Man caught in the act stealing fourth scooter from same Target

Allen Locklear

Police say they have arrested the man responsible for a string of armed robberies aimed at one Target store in Wilmington.

Allen Locklear, 41, is accused of stealing four motorized scooters from the Target on Brandywine Parkway over the course of just one week.

The first robbery occurred last Saturday when police say Locklear tried to leave Target without paying for a scooter. When asked for a receipt, the suspect threatened to stab an employee with a knife, then fled.

Four days later, the same suspect stole two more scooters from the same Target. Police say he again threatened employees who asked for a receipt, then fled.


Police were waiting for the suspect when he attempted to steal yet another scooter from the same Target on Friday. He was intercepted outside the store with the stolen merchandise.

No injuries were reported during any of the robberies, and police say Locklear's vehicle was reported stolen.

Locklear is charged with robbery, possession of a deadly weapon and related offenses.