Man Claims He Saw UFO in North Philadelphia

Something in the skies over North Philadelphia caught one man's attention over the holiday weekend and it wasn't fireworks.

Hector Garcia, of North Philadelphia, went outside for a smoke Sunday, looked in the sky, and noticed something blowing in the wind above the corner of 7th and Tioga. He captured video of a nebulous flying blob with his phone and it is attracting attention.

As for what it is? Well, we've heard everything from a big bag, to a weird cloud, but for Hector, who posted the video to YouTube, he says he thinks it's a UFO.

"As soon as I started recording, it starts to move, it comes down. So I zoomed in on it, and as I zoomed in on it, it starts to swerve. And starts to go to the side. And I'm still looking at it and I don't know what it is. I was shocked," he told FOX 29.

The video has garnered a few hundred views on YouTube. Some think it's something out of this world while other comments say it's just some soap suds.

Photos and video: Hector Garcia