Man Donates Pools to Children in Need After Photo Showed Kids Swimming in Truck Bed

(INSIDE EDITION) This summer, a San Antonio man has made it his mission to bring happiness to the less fortunate by donating pools to dozens of families.

It all started when Todd Arredondo, the kind-hearted owner of an urban mining company, noticed a Facebook photo of children using the back of a pick-up truck as a swimming pool.

The photo went viral and caused some users across different social media platforms to spew negative comments about the family.

Enraged by the hurtful bullying, Arredondo found out the family's contact information, bought them a new inflatable pool, and hand-delivered it to their home.

"It was truly rewarding to see their smiles," Arredondo told

The Texas native didn't stop there.

Once word spread about his random act of kindness, Arredondo created a non-profit organization entitled "Pools for Kids" and has even started a GoFundMe campaign to help with the costs of the pools, which he also pays for out-of-pocket.

"This is a humbling experience for me," said Arredondo. "When I was a kid, a gentleman bought a water-balloon for me when my family couldn't afford one. I never forgot that moment; kids never forget."

According to Arredondo, he has purchased 51 pools so far and delivered them to more than 24 families.

He told that by donating pools he wants to teach children about generosity and helping families in need.

"Being kind is self-rewarding," said Arredondo. "I learned to live simply so others can simply live."

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