Man found guilty of first-degree murder in Main Line model's death

The jury has found Jonathan Wesley Harris guilty of first-degree murder, kidnapping, possession of an instrument of crime and strangulation in the death of Christina Carlin-Kraft.

"I think Ms. Kraft was a vulnerable person and this defendant took full advantage of that when he went back to her apartment and brutally murdered her," Assistant District Attorney Brianna Ringwood said.

During the trial, when asked if he wanted to kill Christina Carlin-Kraft in August of 2018, Jonathan Wesley Harris shook his head "no." However, prosecutors laid out in detail the violence of the attack. An assistant medical examiner testified Kraft had broken bones in her face and bruises around her eyes and nose. Standing in front of the jury, holding Kraft's green stretch pants he demonstrated how the model was strangled.

The Lyft driver testified how he took Kraft and Harris back to her Ardmore apartment and Harris offered him money to wait for 10 to 15 minutes when he'd come out, but he never came.

The pair met on 13th Street in the city and returned to the apartment for drinking and sex. The assistant medical examiner reported her blood alcohol level at death was 3 times the legal limit.

Law enforcement officers took the stand in the afternoon to report Harris had been caught on camera leaving Ardmore and waking back to Philadelphia at the time of the murder and later acting out in Love Park mumbling to a sheriff about someone dying. It was also reported that he even described to a man in a hospital room what it's like to squeeze the last breath out of someone.

The defense argued Harris was out of his mind from smoking cat tranquilizer and didn't know what he was doing.