Man goes sky high with proposal over frozen lake

A Minnesota native took proposal ideas to new heights when he brought his girlfriend on a plane ride over a gigantic "marry me" message on a frozen lake in Nevis.

Student Gavin Becker surprised his girlfriend, Olivia Leigh Toft, when he flew her over the Eighth Crow Wing Lake on January 7. The Nevis native enlisted the help of his family and friends to carve out the 25-foot message and a giant heart on the frozen lake, which took around four hours to complete.

Speaking to local media, Becker said while in the air, he did his best to hide the proposal until the perfect moment came. When Toft saw the message, she was left speechless.

"She looked at me a second, then looked again at the message a second, then back at me. In my head, I said, 'Now's the time to do it.' I fumbled for the ring," Becker said. Luckily, Toft said yes.