Man in wheelchair fatally shot, caretaker wounded in Tioga

A wheelchair bound man was shot and killed in Philadelphia's Tioga neighborhood late Thursday night as his caretaker tried to bring him inside the home. The caretaker was also wounded when he attempted to flee.

On the 3300 block of Gratz Street they called him Uncle Mal. Everyone knew Jamal Washington. Now they mourn for their 36-year-old wheelchair bound neighbor after he was gunned down overnight at his home.

Renae Broadwater lives right across the street.

"He was like the uncle of the neighborhood. When he had a few dollars, he made sure the kids, ice cream truck came down the street, he made sure all the kids had ice cream," she told FOX 29.

Police say Washington was shot to death in a home invasion homicide just before midnight as a friend helped him into his home. Investigators say two armed suspects forced their way in and shot Washington and his 51-year-old friend.

Jamal Washington's murder even drew a brief comment Friday from U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions as he spoke with law enforcement officials in Philadelphia.

Family members say Washington was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair after he was shot 15 year ago. They say he was active in a church at 20th and Erie and loved to help people in his neighborhood. Police have no suspects and no motive.

Police say Washington's 51-year-old old friend was shot in the leg. He's in stable condition. Police are searching for surveillance video of the two armed suspects fleeing the murder scene. Shell casings from 2 weapons were recovered. No one else in the home was injured. A 61-year- old woman and four children were asleep upstairs.