Man proposes to woman in shop window

An annual Christmas event in Missouri turned into the surprise of a lifetime for one woman.

The event involves live mannequins modeling bridal gowns, and since starting work at Wedding Expressions it has always been Abby Nuccio's favorite event.

"I love my city. I love Lee's Summit. It's really cool to see everyone come together in Lee's Summit. It's a really big hit," Nuccio said.

And this year, she got to stand next to her boyfriend... Kevin Carey.

"She is so beautiful. You know it doesn't matter what she's wearing. Make up, no make up. She is always beautiful," Carey said.

Draped in a beautiful red wedding gown... Abby feels like she's in a fairytale.

"I get to be a princess. I don't know when I'll be able to do that so," Nuccio said.

Little did she know, her moment was right around the corner.

They met three years ago on a plane traveling from Denver.

"It's kind of a fairytale," Nuccio said.

Their fairytale story just added another chapter with all of their family and friends watching.

Now the girl who helps other women find their perfect dress gets her chance to be a princess too.