Man rides horse into North Texas Taco Bell

A North Texas man trotted into a Taco Bell in Commerce on horseback.

The horse and his rider got big laughs from people inside the restaurant that night and even more laughs from people who saw video of the incident online.

Lathan Crump posted video of the incident over the weekend with the description, "When you roll through Taco Bell in Texas but the Drive-thru is out of order."

Crump said he had just competed in tie-down calf roping on his horse at the Commerce rodeo Saturday. It's his tradition to go to Taco Bell after.

"Well it's just kind of an everyday thing for us to do stuff like that," the Commerce cowboy said. "It's not really a big deal, but I guess everybody else don't ever see nothing like that."

It took just a little egging on from friends to get him back in the saddle at the restaurant, trotting through the doors for tacos.

But there's more to this duo than their moment of fast food fame.

Crump and his family are third generation cowboys and cowgirls in Campbell, Texas. He breaks and trains horses. And he's had his American Quarter Horse aptly named Hollywood since it was a colt.

"[He] travels around with me everywhere and every day and just hardly do anything without him," said Crump. "Everybody got a big laugh about it. And it's been blowing up big all over social media."

Police say unless someone complains, and no one apparently did, officers won't take action.

Taco Bell did not return calls for comment.

Crump plans to stay away from the taco chain for a little while and let Hollywood live up to his name.

Commerce is located in Hunt County, about 65 miles northeast of Dallas.