Man seen on video smashing car windows, stealing

A spate of car break-ins took place in Philadelphia's Juniata neighborhood.

More than a dozen cars were targeted overnight, between Castor Avenue and O Street.

"It's just messy and frustrating," said victim Carlos Colon.

Shattered glass, glove boxes and center consoles wide open, cars and trucks rifled through, and it appears the culprit of it all is caught on home security cameras.

"That's my car, yes," said victim Hugo Mendoza.

Mendoza's security cameras first pick up the guy around 3:30 a.m. Sunday, milling about the park at Castor Avenue and the 1500 block of Bristol.

Ironically, the crook with a bag in hand, starts his window smashing crime spree with Hugo's car.

"Well, I cannot say that it's the same guy, but this happened a couple of months ago, the same thing," said Mendoza.

But, it's many more this time. He's becoming more brazen, even dropping some small items. A radio was found in the daylight.

"Little things you could sell for 10, 15, 20 dollars," said Colon.

But, leaving Carlos and about a dozen of his neighbors with a repair bill.

"One-hundred-fifty dollars, it's not the 150, it's the damage behind it. And, you know, it's too many cars. We're not going to allow it," stated Colon.

Hugo's already paid for two new windows. Enough is enough.

"It's time to put it on the news so we can get this guy," said Mendoza.

Police will be coming by to see the home surveillance video.

Meanwhile, the victims says it appears who ever broke into their cars managed to turn off the alarms, FOX 29's Joyce Evans reported.