Man sitting in car shot to death after gunman opened door

Wednesday morning was a violent one in Philadelphia, with two men shot to death in separate incidents, about nine blocks and 15 minutes apart.

Police in West Philadelphia say at about 1:15am, a man was sitting in a car at 51st and Market streets with the engine running.

That's when the gunman opened the passenger-side door and fired at least five shots. The victim was hit twice in his head at close range and killed.

Police say they know one bullet hit the frame of the open door and another landed on the car's floor.

They also learned the black 2015 Toyota Camry belongs to a woman who lives about two miles away. They want to know who she may have lent her car to, since the victim has not been identified.

Police say they think the victim may have been in his 20s or 30s, it looks like he was targeted, and the motive does not appear to be robbery.

The violence happened right by the Market-Frankford El and very close to real-time crime cameras that police had put up, which may help them develop a lead and identify a suspect.

Just nine blocks and 15 minutes later, a man was shot multiple times in his chest and he died at the hospital. Police think it may have been an attempted robbery.