Man stabbed, run over by car in deadly hit-and-run in Pennsport: police

A hit-and-run went tragically wrong in Philadelphia's Pennsport section Monday night.

According to police, the incident occurred at Front and Morris Streets at around 7:40 p.m. Monday. 

They say a 22-year-old man was stabbed in the right side of his neck before he was then struck by a white Kia.

"According to medics, the victim, not only is he obviously run over by the vehicle cause the vehicle was still on top of the body, but according to medics, this victim had a large laceration to his neck and since we found a folding knife on the scene, we believe that this victim may have been stabbed and ran over," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. 

Investigators say the white Kia that was used to run the 22-year-old victim over was his own family's car. 

The vehicle remained at the scene and police say the suspect fled the area. 

Additionally, police found a bloody 4-inch folding pocket knife at the scene behind the car and near a pair of the victim's sneakers. 

Medics pronounced the 22-year-old dead at 7:47 p.m. He was later identified by police as Mang Sang.

Investigators say they believe Sang was involved in some kind of argument with another person before he was stabbed.

FOX 29’s Shaynah Ferreira spoke to some neighbors that live and work in Pennsport who say these occurrences are becoming more and more frequent.

"I’m a little surprised, half surprised," said Chris Frotunato. "It could be a sketchy area under I-95 here."

Maria Orea and her brothers run a coconut juice truck just outside of the overpass. In Spanish, she explained this area has always been safe for them to run their business adding she’s hardly heard of anything violent happening. She says she doesn’t know what kind of person would do such a thing.

Gideon Lynch lives two blocks away from the scene and handed Ferreria a petition to get cameras under the I-95 overpass as he says the issues here including car vandalism, are only getting worse.

"The amount of thefts, break ins and vandalism itself," said Gideon Lynch. "I have this petition together, these are all local people who signed it. This isn’t 30th street, this is front street and down."

When asked, "what would you like to see happen under the overpass?" Lynch said "we need surveillance cameras under here badly. The summer is just starting. We already had a shooting four months ago and now we had this gentleman being killed."

This is an ongoing investigation.