Man Uses Signs to Fight Crimes in His Community

HOUSTON, TX (WTXF) A retired man in Houston is using signs to help fight back against crime.

Issac Long created a garden of hope in his yard featuring dozens of handmade signs. Each sign has a unique message on it including bible passages he hopes will inspire people to move away from a life of crime.

"These are tenets to live by," Issac Long says.

Some neighbors say the signs even helped them turn their lives around.

"I try to walk the straight line and not do the things I was doing as a youngster," passerby, Robert Burks says after reading the inspirational signs.

Long has received a lot of attention for his hard work. Even the mayor of Houston has been out to admire his lawn.

After seventeen years of putting the signs up, he has no plans of stopping.

"Somebody has to say I'm going to stand up and make a difference," Long says.