Man with night vision goggles, loaded gun found prowling outside ex-girlfriend's house: police

The Montgomery County District Attorney and chiefs of police in two communities say they’ve arrested a felon in possession of a gun at the home of his ex-girlfriend.

Investigators say it was early on the morning of Sunday, February 4th. when police were called to the New Hanover Township, Montgomery County home of a woman complaining of someone knocking at her bedroom window.

Police say they found 36-year-old Edward Cordenner, the ex-boyfriend of the resident, holding a pair of night vision goggles. Police allege he was armed with a pistol and two magazines for the weapon filled with bullets.

Edward Cordenner, 36, was arrested after police say he was prowling outside his ex-girlfriend's house with night vision goggles and a loaded gun.

Cordenner was arrested and when investigators dug into his background, they learned he has a troubled past of felony convictions of rape and indecent assault of a victim under 16-years-old.

Kristin Sweigard, 38, is facing weapons charges after police say she purchased firearms for Cordenner.

Barred from possessing a gun due to his criminal past, investigators searched his Lansdale, Montgomery County home where they say they find a stash of guns including an AR-15 style rifle, a 22-long-rifle with a scope, a 12-guage shotgun and a 9mm semi-automatic handgun.

A black suppressor, taser, ballistics vest, holsters and various rounds of ammunition were also discovered during a sweep of Cordenner's home, police said.

Where did he get them?

Investigators say 38-year-old Kristin Sweigard of Warminster bought three of them for him in what were illegal straw buys, in which a legal buyer purchases guns for someone not allowed to buy them.

Investigators also listened-in to Cordenner’s phone calls from the Montgomery County lock-up where they claim he tried to have the weapons removed from his home.

Cordenner has been charged with felony firearms offenses, and charges of loitering and prowling at night. Sweigard is likewise facing several firearms charges.

Both Cordenner and Sweigard are being held at Montgomery County Correctional Facility.