Man, woman found dead in South Philadelphia apartment

Police are investigating the deaths of two people inside an apartment in Philadelphia's Point Breeze neighborhood after they responded to a call from a family member late Sunday night.

Officers responded to the 1300 block of Federal Street just before midnight after a family member found the victim's on the floor of their first-floor apartment.

Police say the victims, 50-year-old Candido Gonzalez and 23-year-old Caitlyn Jaje, were found dead in different rooms. Investigators say both victims had been tied up, had bruises on their faces and bodies, and may have been strangled.

The home appeared to have been ransacked, but there was no sign of forced entry, according to police. While a cause has not been found, police say, the couple-had been assaulted.

This morning there was deep sorrow.

A resident of Federal, who asked not to be identified, says there was "heavy traffic" in and out of the home and the couple's arguments were often loud.

Criminal court records show a Candido Gonzalez--with the same date of birth as the victim--has a criminal past-including a 2004 guilty plea for possession of controlled substances.

"We don't want to go into his past because at this point everybody has a past," cousin Renee said.

People were in and out of the 3-story brick Monday apparently visiting the grieving family.

"They didn't just kill him and his girlfriend, you killed an entire family and a community," Renee said.