Many local parents on board with FDA advisors endorsement of Pfizer's COVID vaccine for kids

A panel of FDA advisors is endorsing Pfizer’s vaccine for younger kids. It’s a smaller dose, for children five to 11. While there are a few more hurdles to clear, if all goes according to plan, shots could start going into arms in just a couple of days.

Kristen and James Madera are thrilled that a COVID vaccine for children looks to be just days away. They have three young children.

"She’ll be five in April, at which point, she’s gonna get it on her birthday. As soon as we can get it, we’re going to. We are very excited about this news, even though it’s not immediately applicable to us," Kristen explained.


Her husband says it will be nice to have the cousins vaccinated.

"We went pumpkin picking two days ago and we were all kind of careful. All the cousins are between six and 11, so getting that whole batch done is gonna be a real boon for us," James commented.

An FDA advisory committee Tuesday determined Pfizer’s vaccine for children five to 11 is safe and effective. Dr. Mike Cirigliano believes the kid version was carefully scrutinized.

"We should take solace that this process vets out the data and really takes a long, hard look at it. We have about 28 million children who are eligible for this and I think this will be a game changer," Dr. Mike explained.

One dad said they’ve already talked to their pediatrician about getting their two children vaccinated.

"My one son hasn’t turned five, yet. Gotta wait, probably, a little bit. For our older son, he’s getting on a list, so as soon as we can, we will," Lee Geller remarked.

Ranjana Borkar is also on board, as is her 10-year-old daughter, Nisha.

"We are happy, because, last year, most of kids were at home, because of COVID," Ranjana said.

"As soon as the vaccine comes, we are gonna get it and I’ll feel better to play with my friends," Nisha added.



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