Marple Newtown high school cheerleaders win at the national championship

Marple Newtown High School cheerleaders returned home after the big win.

Fresh off a plane from Florida with hardware in hand, Marple Newtown High School cheerleaders are still celebrating winning at the national championship.

“I think everyone here it's been a goal you have wanted since you’re five years old so to like to finally have this jacket, the trophy, the banner it’s surreal and I really think it’s even hit us yet," Heaven Miller said.

The Tigers went to Disney's National High School Cheerleading Championship against 50 of the top teams from across the country.  They’ve dreamed of getting here but to actually win?

"Honestly, like just knowing that you’re like the best team in your division and the whole nation it’s just like mine blowing," Janine Gorman said.


Marple-Newtown High School, first time ever Small Varsity Division II #UCAnationals Champs! 🏆

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"Cheerleading isn't really recognized the way that it should be, but like if you were to compare it’s like winning the Super Bowl," Monica Merrone said.

What's being a champion without a police escort home? The team bus arrived back to their school to a cheering home crowd newly crowned champions. Now, it's time to celebrate.

"It's not about this moment. It's about all the work they put in. They put in so much work. We practice pretty much every day," head coach Kimberly Foster said.


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