Massive Xanax bust caught on camera in Coweta County

Hundreds of illegal Xanax pills were found hidden inside the trunk of a car during a traffic stop in Coweta County. Two people in the car were arrested being charged with trying to traffic those pills.

Coweta County deputies said they pulled over a Kia they spotted speeding down Interstate 85 southbound going almost 100 miles per hour. Deputy Trent Hastings and his K-9 partner Rex were at the scene last Saturday.

Hastings' body camera revealed the interaction as well the discovery. The video shows Hastings walking up to the car. He said he could instantly smell marijuana and asked the driver for consent to search the car. That's when his partner got to work.

Rex sniffed out something in the back. Hastings could be seen pulling a bag of several hundred pills investigators said is likely Xanax out of the truck of the car in the space where the spare tire is kept.

Robert Mitchell McAlkick, IV, 21, and Leon Demetric Sapp, both of Newnan, were arrested for trafficking. They were booked into the Coweta County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

Law enforcement has been vigilant in its protection against the health hazards of fentanyl, a powerful and potentially dangerous pain drug used on the streets illegally. Experts warn touching it or breathing residue can be fatal, so special gloves and masks are worn. Deputy Hastings said even though he believed the pills to be Xanax, he took no chances in handling it.